At one point, Behling recalls, Jobs discussed the walls he had in mind for the offices: “He knew exactly what timber he wanted, but not just ‘I like oak’ or ‘I like maple.’ He knew it had to be quarter-­cut. It had to be cut in the winter, ideally in January, to have the least amount of sap and sugar content. We were all sitting there, architects with gray hair, going, ‘Holy shit!’”

Creating your own magic by definition is someone who thinks differently ... YOU are an outsider. No one will take you seriously. You have to prove your posits so unequivocally that no man or woman or machine can deny your work. And then you have to do it over and over again. That is the hard work of making your way into the circle of people taking you seriously and believing you. It’s not new. In fact, it has been repeating across human history. Everybody who’s anybody started as nobody.
— Sean Everett [CEO PROME & Editor of Humanizing Tech]

This tapedeck you brought is physically smoldering
A road catalog of history frozen
These voices you call a bitter sweet morning
It must mean so much, this forgotten touch
It used to be fun, but we were young
Has-been dream, irreverent
It used to be fun, but we were young
This used to be fun, now we’re in love
You set me up when you wake the ghost in me,
as you shake the ghost in me
You said enough to wake the ghost in me
No mistake, this ghost in me has found a home
I miss the breath and the dust
I seem ashamed to be broken
And here stands the cross
Our story got sorted
I won’t sleep again til’ I here it come to the end
I remember now, how it all turned out
It used to be fun, but we were young
I feel so bad, we were had
It used…
— Nicole Monninger, Brian Aubert, Christopher Guanlao, Garret Lee, Joseph Lester

It was actually the last time I spoke to him, the Friday before he passed away ... we were watching a movie, Remember the Titans. I loved it, but I was so surprised he liked that movie. I remember talking to him about the site then. It was something that gave him energy. I was joking with him that we were all worried about some things being difficult, but we were missing the most important one, the biggest challenge of all ... deciding which employees are going to sit in the main building ... and which would have to work in the outer buildings. And he just got a big laugh out of it.
— Tim Cook